The Esthetician's Guide to Business empowers you to build your dream business.

Transform your business and live a life you love!
In this course you'll learn how to:
- Identify who you want your soul client to be
- Create an evergreen (and adjustable!) soul client profile to help you with branding, content, and other important business decisions that will affect the success of your business
- Craft an "I help" statement to easily, effectively and powerfully communicate what you specialize in
- Construct a strong, foundational business plan to ensure business success
- Design a targeted marketing plan that helps increase engagement and connect authentically with your soul client
- Develop a pricing strategy to ensure excellent profit margins
- Forecast sales effectively
- Sell effortlessly through "Conversational Selling"
- Implement systems and operations that allow your business to function smoothly
- Understand the basics of financial planning
- Get up and running with Esthetics Online
and more!
You'll also get extremely helpful working documents and fillable templates.

You can use these as you devise your plans and as you continue to develop your business!

Included are:

- Lesson templates for most lessons
- A complete Business Plan Template
- A Pricing Strategy Template
- A Market Research Template
- A Quarterly Marketing Budget Template
- A 12 Month Sales Forecast Template
- A Monthly Sales Goal Template
- Virtual Consultation Templates
- 20+ Video Trainings
and more!

Purchase the course right now!
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Quick & Efficient
Don't waste your time searching for all the answers! Learn how to set up a foundationally sound business efficiently and quickly.
Make Connections
Make connections with other Esthetics Entrepreneurs learning alongside you in our exclusive FB Group.
Sparks Creativity
Thought-provoking lessons, exercises and templates help you to learn well and sparks creative thinking.
All encompassing information and skillsets that can be applied to any Esthetics Business to help ensure success.

Transform your business and live a life you love!

The Esthetician's Guide to Business Foundational Business Course will help you organize your business and set you up for success! 

Purchase the product now and you'll also get these bonus resources!

- A Profit and Loss and Expense tutorial provided by Ashley McKenney, Quickbooks Pro Advisor and Owner of Virtuous Bookkeeping Services inclusive of a P&L Template and Expense Report Template. (Value $397)
- 7 Step Guide to Discovering your Soul Client (Value $47)
- A Quick Guide to Business Mindset (Value $47)

- A 12 month Re-usable Content Calendar (Value $17)
- Daily Affirmations for an Esthetics Business Owner (Priceless!)
"Amber's careful, deep, thought provoking questions inspired me to question myself and look at my challenges. Amber's course is already supporting me before it even begins."
Tracey | San Diego, CA
"Lots of little mind grenades going off in my brain. Working with you is truly invigorating. So lucky to have found you. I have so much hope and my drive has returned because of you."
Nicole | Cave Creek, AZ
"If you're on the fence about working with Amber or buying one of her guides, JUST DO IT! I spent years struggling in my business until I made the decision to work with her. Seriously the best decision for my business I’ve ever made. Amber is like the savvy, no-nonsense big sister that you wish you had as a business partner. I was playing a constant guessing game in my business and she made everything so much more clear and has given me a game plan! I am 100x more confident in myself and my business."
Kaitlin | Elephante Butte, AZ
"Amber has given me the gift of her insight, which I find incredibly valuable as an Esthetician who is getting back into the field after a 6 year break. With her guidance I've become more prepared to open my business and achieve my dream of working for myself. The confidence and expertise she exudes is exactly what I need to steer me in the right direction!"
Amanda | Palm Desert, CA
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